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Owner Description Language
Akira Z-kai member photo page English/Japanese
Annie Personal Diary, update very often ga. Chinese
Kalaning A personal homepage for Christian Chinese
Lebbeus An information system specialist Chinese/English
Tony Really a "homepage", you will see what he has at his home. lol! Chinese/English
Vincent He's owning so many many sites, click on to have a look, some really can cheer you! Chinese/English
Wilkins Final Fantasy page (vanish soon, maybe enhane it to more upgrade FF) English
Name Description Language
Domo Japanese famous manga artist Japanese
Heavy Metal Amerian Magazine English
Inoue Takehiko on the web Japanese famous manga artist Inoue Takehiko English/Japanese
James Drawing Page He's a man who can draw well with flash, don't know how he does it....... @_@ Chinese
Japanese illustration Japanese sleazy manga
KOKORO If you like sitting back and watch a romance movie(flash movie though), this probably is your choice. Taiwanese Chinese
Suikoden What can I say, it's a Japanese page, but all the contents inside are based on a famous Chinese hero novel. But well, the drawings are as handsome as paint. Japanese
The Art of Yoshitaka Amano A talented artist with various medias of work, Amano is perhapes best known for his conceptual work on the Final Fantasy series of video games. English/Japanese
Tin Hau One of the most popular HK local comic! Chinese
URL Description Language
2 Advanced Studios No matter design, sound and motion graphics, this page is on top of it. English
415 Design English
Alan Chan Design It's hard to be known in Japan as an non-jap, but there're always exceptions, and he's one of them. Many eye catching designs in HK are by him. Chinese/English
Animation World Network The Hub of Animation on the Internet, maybe you designers can get a job there ^_^ good luck men! English
Centro Digital Pictures Ltd. If you know about a HK movie "sholin soccer", that's their production. Chinese
DV4 A "big" page, you will find many nice, cut through the edge designs. English/Japanese
Eureka Multimedia Advertising Chinese/English
Fudge Design English
Future Farmers Design English
Furi Furi I like the characters design here. Japanese
Kan and Lau Design Consultants Too many HK designs are from them, although their webpage is a bit too........ labelled Chinese/English
iLoveegg The Eggs' character are all so cute! English/Korean
Infinium Labs A cool 3D website, must see! English
Joshua Davis / PrayStation Known as Praystation, the talent finally changed he's site's domain name. English
Monya Lovely Monya and it's devil tail.................... English/Korean
Mustangu NO MATTER WHAT, you must see this! English
Orisinal So settle and cute ^^ English
The Void New Media Paper Sucks! English
Tong Communication Oh~~ how come the Koreans can always do something like that?!?! English/Korean
Typo Graphic Been pro for long time........ English
unControl You will see many creative and amazing flash sources, you can even download most of them! English
VOOZ A must see Korean website, very lovely characters giving you lots of fun! By the way, PUCCA's so popular now in HK. English/Korean
Who's We Design Studios Oh, very creative and unique design, I specially like the "how we do it" section! English
Xanthic Eye Wallpapers, tutorials, skins, icons and more. English/Korean
URL Description Language
Dynamic Drive DHTML scripts for the real world English
Hotscripts.com The net¡¦s largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal English

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The PHP Resource Index

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Owner Description Language
David Wong Pro Photographer la la Chinese/English
Son Photography, web design, commerical design..... um, I really like his webpage. Chinese/English
URL Description Language
Anti-Lyrics All HKers must go!! Laugh your Ass Out~~~!! ^O^ Chinese
Hockey Game When you are as bored as me, you can play this. English
Icon's Story Wow! A must see flash movie, nicely devopled!! Must see see! All/Chinese
Soft and Hard 100 phone calls Hehe, very teasy and fun to listen to, download them, and you will need Realplayer. Chinese
Utimate Flash Face Ha, it's time to make your own portrait! English