Cheeky profile

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At this moment he's still holding a passport of Cheekyland's, a land with full of cheeky citzens. Cheeky is shameless, teasy, stingy(but most of the time poor) and most of all "CHEEKY", but don't forget his hidden characterist which uncover on the worm living in his messy hair.

Never follow guidebooks.
Never learn from experience.
Never want to tidy up unless he gets pay for doing it.
Never....woops, never comb his hair, and that's why a worm is there. @_@ HUH!!!
Never donate.
Never buy stuffs unless the price's been checking through again and again, until run out of stock, until no stock.
Never has luck nor girlfriend.
Never says never. LOL

Cheeky's Friends:
He can count out with one single hand, a pig friend and a dog friend, also the pathetic. Therefore a friends' forum he made is waiting for you to be his cheeky friends.

The story is one day Cheekykid was so bored, and suddenly a flash bumps into his head, "I should spread out my interests, to friends, to all the people, to the world!" >_<

Hey, suprisingly Cheeky does has interests, and they are quite heathy. Shamefully he can never do them well.