3D works

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This is a proper screen size animated movie(640x480), the whole file takes up around 450MB. In the animation, there are 3 aircrafts flying around the building, and at the end the camera movement directly go from outside of the building to the ground floor inside. I guess this time I've done a good job with the texture mapping.

My school laaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

The trains of the images called "BIG BOY", the biggest steam train in the world! Click on it and you can see the fablious train! Let's see the scale, to know how big the size it actually is!

They are the 3D train I've done.......... I actually have more, I think I will put them on here later.......The sizes of origial graphic should be a lot bigger, but in here, I decreased the graphics downloading easier. Hope you can still see them.
But each of them took long time to render, possibly because my computer is not good enough, but it's Macintosh G3 already.....sigh......
How big the size the big boy actually was?! ar.... bigger than...... my brain at least. (Cheap joke again)

Obviously, a lamp, a phone receiver, pen and paper, and a table.
A corner of a room, not my room.

More like an imagination creation from strange brain of Ninja's.

This is an object what I call it "Sega water ocean".... hahaha, after I finished rendering, my friend told me, "how come you have water and ocean together? If you have water, you don't need ocean, and if you call it ocean, you should get rid of the water. Aren't you stupid or something?"....then I go.....er..................
Here you go a castle, no princess inside, so don't walk in too far or you will be lost.