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Hi, all the images below are done in photoshop, a bit of illustrator, and a 3D program Strata. They are not really great computer graphics or some sort, but I am always happy to know more of your opinions, and welcome to ask me how to do the basic manipulation. The original images would contain higher quality.

  I drawn the oranges a lot earlier before I made this computer image, well, it's not that hard anything, just cut and paste images in the same file in photoshop.
  I traced the coffee beans on a paper with black ink pen, scanned them into photoshop and put colour on them. The reflection were done at the end.
  Oh, this one is just showing a particular concept, well.... I am not so sure what the concept is, but I do feel something from this, I've got in print, the colour was real nice. This image had quite many layers in photoshop although it might not look like.
  I imported the original picture in photoshop 4.0, and put centain filters effect, don't ask me what they were, because I can't remember. ^_^, Ninja doesn't have storage memories in the't blame on me please...)
  This one I did the motion background in illustrator 6.0, and then combined the Japanese cartoon character with it. But as you can see, I didn't cut the cartoon character well enough, so there are rough edges around it. Ar.... once again... lazy.
  I just simply changed the background it had already, but it took many many steps which I didn't remember..... to be honest, I didn't even know what I was doing, but seemed to me the result was quite OK, that why I kept it.
  This one, I used quite a lot of filter effects in photoshop, and extra plugins as well. I think the iris has really jumped out, hasn't it?
  A train with background which I used many plugins, but the result wasn't good. But at least, the metallic feeling has been pronounced in nicely. And surely it's done with the filter in photoshop called "Unsharp Mask".
  Hehheehheee, here is a funny one that I've done it for 1 hr in illustrator, I quite like the style, coz it suits me.
  Um... I did it because I was soooo bored. ar..... .did in illustrator using pen tool a lot. Then import into Photoshop and using the Mosic filter for the pixelated effect.... well. (23rd Oct, 1999)
  This one is something I did the lineworks in illustrator first, and then manipulate in photoshop, and really, this work took me long time and brought me such headache. (13th Nov, 1999)