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This is a friendship page, so I hope you are willing to be one of "friend"s in here.Please send me your photo and informations, I will put it on here as soon as possible(but sometimes I can be so lazy). They are all very nice people, feel free to contact each other la!

In case in you are shy, you can even give me your baby photo or the photo whenever you took.

There are 2 simple steps to join in, 1st: fill in the form which has given on the left hand side's button, 2nd: send me your photo to Anyway, steps are not that important, just please send me a mail, then we can talk about how to do it in a easy way.

So far, there are 64 friends who have applied as members, they are from USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Korea, Denmark, England, Holland, Germany, Thailand, Singapore and Finland. So please don't be hesitate and join in!

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